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XFast Ankle Support System

XFast Ankle Support System
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XFast Ankle Support SystemXFast Ankle Support System
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Don't let an ankle injury make you the new bench warmer. The Battle Sports Science® XFast Ankle Support System is designed to provide functional stability over the cleat. By fitting this brace over your shoe, you may have greater range of motion on the playing field. Muti-spot adjustments allow for a secure, and customized fit. This product laces right into your athletic shoe. Dominate the game in the XFast Ankle Support System.

  • Over the shoe ankle support system
  • Designed to provide functional stability
  • Quick adjustment allows for a customized fit
  • Note: Does not include cleat
  • Model: 964B
  • Battle Sports Science

  • Small: Men's shoe size 6-7.5
  • Medium: Men's shoe size 8-9.5
  • Large: Men's shoe size 10-11
  • Extra Large: Men's shoe size 12-14+
For women, consider 2 sizes smaller than the men's size
Price: $20.00